by A Total TaiTai Tale


Friday is no ayi day.

Friday is messy day or as I like to call it “well lived interior”

I actually like the not so well arranged pillows, it reminds me that we sat there the night before.

The mix pile of DVDs we might have watched.

The tourist guides we looked at before deciding where to go on our next vacation.

The cup left on the corner of the coffee table by daughter because the kitchen sink is way too far after we told her for the tenth time that she’ll miss her bus if she doesn’t hurry up.

The teddy bear who landed miraculously on that same coffee table not knocking down the previously mentioned cup, tossed by my son who thinks Barry Beat can double up as a last minute soccer ball.

It even has the magazine I was reading, still open on that same page so I can keep reading while sipping my coffee!

I like it but only one day a week 😉