A Total TaiTai Tale

Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!



Let’s bing it.

google is so last year 😉

Caution: Rant ahead!

So we basically had no internet since we got back from France. Well to be exact we did have internet but the only thing missing to not feel like it was the 90s all over again was the dial-up sound!!

Our connection is 4Mbps which is already pretty slow for surfing the net if we were looking at websites in China (why would I look at any of the Chinese websites?) but what I want to look at is in the World Wide Web (i.e almost anything that is NOT hosted in China -except those videos on YouKu so I can keep up on the latest US series but that’s another topic!)

For some reason China is currently mad (again? still?) at the Google family so it either takes fooreeveeer to download the simplest message or you need to use a VPN, hence reducing even more the (already slow) 4Mbps speed.

After almost 2 weeks at this regime I couldn’t take it anymore (and that was even before kids start to have homework and suck up my bandwidth!) so Mr Technician from Tietong (our internet provider company) came to see what was wrong with our connection (not only being slow but on top of it it would cut every 2-3 minutes so yep Mr VPN could not keep up either!). The guy told us that yes basically our connection was slow, it was the way his company had wired this side of the compound (oh yes the other side of the street, same compound, is wired for 10Mbps) and basically told me we should go with the competition that have higher speed internet. Sometimes I love the straightforwardness of the Chinese 🙂

WAIT, WAIT WHAT??? We could have had faster connection (doesn’t solve the blocked sites mind you but still!) since the beginning?

Calls were made, 2 hours later another guy showed up from the other company (China Unicom) and hooked us up.

Yep I wished it was as fast… I was basically speaking Chinese (literally in Chinese and figuratively i.e IT tech) with him, ayi trying to translate as much as she could, our “agent” who knew as much as me on the technical part but did help a lot more on the Chinese-English part and a husband at work who if I had a divorce attorney on speed dial would have had received divorce paper by the end of his work day ;-).

All in all it’s now hooked to faster speed 21Mbps (that’s still the max speed reached for websites hosted in China but it’s still fast for the rest of the WWW and the use of a VPN.)

All is good and still happily married!!

Rant over 🙂