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Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!

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Starting Was Easy…
Keeping It Going Is Harder.

I show up here every single day and post (at least) one picture…
and it’s been going on since 5th August 2013.


This is the follow-up of a little personal blog started in 2006 (!) when we moved to Beijing, followed up by a blog of our time in Norway (but abandoned after 2 years) but…

We are back in the ‘Jing….
Let’s the madness begin.
We are not new at this…
It’s 20+ years in the making:
USA, France, Argentina, Scotland, China, Norway & China (again) are the places we lived.
As for the places we visited… Should I do an A to Z list?!

Update: We left the ‘Jing and move to Sing’…. 20 years and we are still spinning around (with) the world

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I’m canoeing in the rain, canoeing in the rain 🛶 ☔️

When you decide to still go canoeing when it’s raining. If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is. I figured we usually get wet anyways so a few more drops from the sky wasn’t going to make a difference 😉

Plus my calendar is quite wide open this week so I couldn’t pass on an activity when I had one planned.

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Monday Murals – Traditonal Shops at the Rail Mall by Yip Yew Chong

Blending the old with the new: In between the 2 murals is the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop.  #LovingIt

The 9th Mile Sarabat Stall was named because it was 9 miles away from the Zero point which is located at (today) Fullerton Hotel (but was the Post Office then)

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This is what lounging on the 15th floor looks like.

Singapore is a small, dense, island nation where 100% of the population is urbanized. And yet, the city-state of Singapore is the greenest city in Asia, according to the Green City Index, and arguably has few competitors in the rest of the world.

As Singapore’s population and economy grew, so did its green cover: it was about 36% in the 1980s and it now stands at 47%, according to the Center for Liveable cities.

“If you build a new development, you have to replace the same greenery you replaced,” says Yoh. Singapore is the only country to incorporate green building requirements into its legislation.

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I was on Karate duty today… I came prepared

I personally didn’t do karate… I just drove karate kid, waited (and did no go, as instructed, near karate room) then drove karate kid back home. End of story.


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Peakaboo I see you, Marina Bay Sands.

A little bit like the Eiffel Tower in Paris when you are always surprised when you turn a street corner and see her in all its majesty

One could think that this photo was taken at a park at the street level well that’s actually a park on the roof of a Mall.

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Besides HBDs & Parking garages, rooftop of Malls are also great spot for taking photos of Singapore skyline.

NB: the UFO shape building is the Supreme Court of Singapore

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He’s 16 and he still complies with my request of a Birthday Kiss Photo.

I’m allowed 5 shots… I’d better have a plan before he steps foot in front of the camera 😉

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I’ll go to Disneyland every Tuesday again this year… or at least it looks like it.

On my way to Sentosa aka resort island for Outigger Canoe session. Back to school means back to my own routine too.

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Monday Murals – Rail Way at The Rail Mall by Yip Yew Chong

Painted in the side of the Rail Mall along Upper Bukit Timah Road just a Stone away from the iconic Rail Corridor and Bukit Timah Réserve

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Back to School (finally!) tomorrow.

Trying to be pro active and get everything ready… when I realized that the maximun Top-up amount on the school lunch card had been significantly increased with the latest update of the online lunch ordering system.

At S$10 spent per day and with 180 days of school a year that would take 55 and half year to through this much money. 😉

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