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Starting Was Easy…
Keeping It Going Is Harder.

I show up here every single day and post (at least) one picture…
and it’s been going on since 5th August 2013.


This is the follow-up of a little personal blog started in 2006 (!) when we moved to Beijing, followed up by a blog of our time in Norway (but abandoned after 2 years) but…

We are back in the ‘Jing….
Let’s the madness begin.
We are not new at this…
It’s 20+ years in the making:
USA, France, Argentina, Scotland, China, Norway & China (again) are the places we lived.
As for the places we visited… Should I do an A to Z list?!

Update: We left the ‘Jing and move to Sing’…. 20 years and we are still spinning around (with) the world

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When you travel all the way to the end of the line you go from Public Transport to Private Transport.

And as an added bonus you can take cool pictures 😉

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5,000 posts!

Well I got the email and stamp from tumblr so it must be true 😉

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The heart of the HDB is often found in the void (either at street level or sometimes elevated on the 1st or 2nd floor if there are shops or parking garage).

With the social distancing and group size restriction nowadays they are often left empty of people. What happened when we are left without a heart? 😞

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I can’t believe I posted 5000 times*.

It all started 7 years and 7 months ago by this introduction post as we were embarking on our second posting in China, followed a couple days later with this one (and the explanation of the name!) and then EVERY single days since then.

For the ones who have been following since the beginning THANK YOU for your fidelity, and for those who came along during the ride welcome and thank you too. I appreciate every single one of you. 🥰

PS: This is not a good bye post, I will continue until I leave Singapore. So you’ve got 15 more months or around 500 posts (easy peasy)

NB: *all of the 5000 posts have been mine, no re post from other (quite common on tumblr). Double proud 😉

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Wednesday Wandering (& Wondering)

Another by chance encounter. Oh how much I love those.

I was dropping off some CNY cookies boxes to a friend’s place to give to the migrant workers (part of a drive for ItsRainingRaincoats organization) and I had to walk along this wonderful road.

Turned out it’s part of The Heritage Road Scheme

In our city state, mature trees along the roads form the backbone of Singapore’s landscape. With rapid development, it is important that we recognise the importance of these mature trees and what they symbolise.

One way to do this is to conserve some of the more scenic and significant tree-lined roads in Singapore. In many locations, the green ambience and mature trees flanking the roads today are a result of more than 40 years of dedicated care and growth.

The Heritage Road Scheme, launched in 2001 by the National Parks Board, aims to conserve the scenic and significant tree-lined roads of Singapore.

To preserve the unique tree-scapes, a green buffer of 10 metres on both sides of the Heritage Road is enforced and the removal of trees or plants is prohibited.

The preservation of Heritage Roads adds an element of permanence to the landscape and ultimately contributes to Singapore’s sense of identity, history and continuity.

Make the detour, take the wrong turn… you might end up being pleasingly surprised. There is no wrong way.

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Hawker center

Back in March 2019, Singapore nominated the hawker culture in Singapore on to the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and a few days before Christmas it was inscribed in the UNESCO list.

The hawker center serve as community dining spaces for all. There are more than 100 hawker centres and some 6,000 hawkers who serve about 150 to 200 affordable meals daily. More than 80 percent of the population visit hawker centres at least once a week.

The hawker centers are truly a melting pot of people where every social economic categories mix and eat next to each other. We love our little local one right next to our condominium. And if you fancy a Michelin Star dining experience you can even do it there. Can lah!

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Monday Murals

The Samsui women were part of the first batch of immigrants who arrived from the sanshui district in canton

When we went to Penang in Malaysia a few years ago for Christmas break we chased around town the murals and also found those iron “murals”.

I just found a few in a small alley between Club Street and Ann Siang Hill in Singapore (no other information found 🙄) so here are the close up for this month of Monday Murals posts 😉

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Friend supporting friend.

Little by little a simili of normal life is taking place. For example, shows with limited capacity and social distancing as you can see.

My friend B. was on stage for the first time doing improv and she was great.

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When you are tired of losing your clientele to the restaurant next door, you erect very clear signs 😂

To be fair it’s sometimes difficult to see which table belongs to which restaurants because they all look the same.

Saturday stroll in Kampong Glam is always a treat.

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Tonight is Lantern Festival

It’s celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar Chinese calendar. It marks the final day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations…. and usually the end of the Buddha Tooth Relic temple and Museum being lit 😉.

I’ll have to wait until next year if I want more pictures of this beautiful red temple in the middle of Chinatown (well at least lit during the night)

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