by A Total TaiTai Tale


On Sunday somehow we started talking about the side of the bed we sleep on. I know exciting!!

I started to go down memory lane, trying to visualize and remember which side of the bed I usually sleep mostly (I knew it wasn’t consistent). I started to do some doodles and then it got serious and I did a little montage (ok to be fair I’m learning a new video editing program so I thought it would give me some material for practice). Cue to showing my little animation to dear daughter and she said I was weird because people pick a side and stick to it. What kind of maniac was I?

Was I an exception? Well better check with some friends…. my facebook friends and a poll went up.

When we move, or even when we are staying at a hotel I pick the side I will sleep on… there is NO logic in which side I pick. I just have a feeling, nothing to do with being closest/farthest from the door/window/bathroom/AC/plug/kiddos. That’s usually one of the first thing Hubby ask when we move to a new place or arrive at a hotel: so which side am I sleep on?

In case you care: As a couple it’s an even number of side: 6 times on the right and 6 times on the left. Sometimes I’m closer to the door sometime I’m farther from the door, same with the bathroom or the window. He might have been closer to the door/kiddos when they were younger but it was just a feeling when I chose the side 😉

And now from my +/- 48-hour Facebook poll:

Daughter was not in the majority!! I’m not that weird.

Slightly more people change side than people stick to the same side of the bed. For the ones who stick to the same side, in the vast majority it was mostly because hubby wanted one side and the wife didn’t care. We are so accommodating and they are so picky 😉. As for the ones who switch side, there seems to be a reason behind the choice. A large majority said husband near the door and wife closest to bathroom (a few exceptions when it was the reverse mostly mothers to young kids seem to privilege closer to door).

Two replies stand out. My friend Anne was exactly like me. She’s the one who picks the side without anything in mind (proximity or not) just a gut feeling. And my friend Rebecca’s reply made me laugh “The left side and yes I choose. However when we go on holiday hubby literally rushes to take owenership of the left side”. 😂

Thanks to all my friends who participated. Special mention to my friend Elke, I’m now going to stress when we go on trips together and will have to make sure she’s on the right bed because she’s on the Stick To One Side group. 😜

Do you you stick to one side or do you switch? Any reason?

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