Keeping myself informed and educated while keeping myself safe at home.

While the first couple of weeks of quarantine saw me binge watch a lot of shows I had on my list of To-Watch, I never stoop down to watching things I wouldn’t have watched normally.

I hate reality shows for example… so no I didn’t start watching Real Housewives and didn’t all of a sudden thought that Tiger King was worth my time. I have however enjoy having more time to watch shows and documentaries that would have normally been added to an ever growing list.

A few shows I really enjoyed. First few are about Black history, as it was Juneteenth yesterday and because there is no excuse to not being educated (I mean we used to have to drive to the library and we now have everything at our fingertips!) on any subjects: BLM, LGBTQ+, Religions, etc….

Documentaries/Film (1 episode)

13th Amendment – SelmaJust Mercy.

A Secret Love – American Factory – Becoming – Spelling the Dream – The 2 Popes – 22nd July

Documentaries/Series (several episodes)

Self Made – When They See Us – Who Killed Malcom X – Thruth be Told – The Eddy – Dear White People.

Unorthodox – The Family – Hollywood – Jeffrey Epstein – Sex & Love Around the World – 100 Humans – Diagnosis – Pandemic – History 101

Ok I’m into lightweight series too: Outlanders, Lucifer, Blacklist, Sex Education, Dead to Me, Working Mom, You, Ozark, The Good Place are few of my favorites. I’m also glad I got to watch Big Little Lies 2 seasons during the free month of HBO. Now if I could find a way to finally watch Handmaid’s Tale without subscribing to another streaming service.

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