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It’s over.

It’s all gone.

It was so much part of our life that I didn’t even think of taking a picture of it.

When I arrived this morning, the small maze of barriers leading to the Check-in stations wasn’t there anymore.

As I was climbing the stairs after stepping out of the MRT car, I took my phone out of my bag and opened the TraceTogether app to scan the QR that would show my vaccination status and thus allowing me to enter. I was prepared like I have been for the past 2 years.

It’s an automatic gesture as soon as we approach any mall/store/restaurant/bar/cinema/etc we are prepared to show our little swimming otter. We actually keep our phone in our hands because it’s easier: checking in checking out, checking in, checking out, etc etc.

Today Tuesday 29th April I have a little tears for all the people who just lost their job making sure we were compliant with the measures, but frankly they haven’t cared much for the past couple of weeks if I must say!

But that’s not all… there is also: No more group size limit on social gathering and household visit. No more self distancing. No more vaccination differentiation (except for large event, F&B). No more capacity limit. And a lot more “No more”. The Coronavirus/Covid-19 saga in Singapore thru my eyes can be read here: https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/c%26jfiguringoutcoronavirus?sort=top


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I had planned to post this photo with the caption “Glad to report it’s been 730 days without being recognized by the paparazzi in Singapore” but 2 weeks ago they shattered my dream and made the 2-year mandatory mask wearing obsolete, so it was only 715 days of incognito walking around.

Mandatory mask wearing is still mandatory indoor… we don’t go wild all at once in Singapore, we take baby steps.


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Well it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t commemorate the (almost) 2 years of mandatory mask wearing with a little photo project 😉

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A milestone was crossed today.

Mask wearing outdoor is no longer mandatory after almost 2 years.

As I walked to the MRT, I first thought I had the date wrong because almost everyone was still wearing it. After a slight nod to a non mask person (foreigner might I add) I realized I was in the clear but still felt naked and naughty… until I reached the MRT and I had to pull my mask back on my nose.

Now I need to work on my bitch resting face because I might scare people. We don’t smile to strangers here so that part is taken care of 😂

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Fun fact: Covid-19 has a 9pm curfew in Singapore apparently.

Because nobody checks your mandatory vaccination status when your enter a mall after.

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Wondering when this little old security guard will be out of work because we won’t have to check in and out of public spaces.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a little rant about those freaking measures.

I’m pretty easy. I don’t like having to wear a mask all the time but I can live with it for the time being. Checking in and out of public places are not the most convenient, because one it reduces the number of access points and two is just freaking annoying when you are in and out of stores. But again a minor annoyance.

However we were all expecting some relaxation in the measures when Chinese New Year festivities would end. Well the new softening of the measures are out.

A few more VTL (Vaccinated Travel Lane) countries added to the list; half of Singapore will apparently be visiting Cambodia and Angkor Wat in the next few weeks. Really glad for them, the tourists and the country but it doesn’t really help with daily life in Singapore.

What changes for me personally is that I can now wash my hands in the public bathroom next to a stranger (every other lavatory was crossed off until now), men can also pee next to a stranger (same deal than the lavatories) and I don’t have to keep 1 meter away when I seat next to a stranger on a public bench BUT I still cannot be in group larger than 5 outside or invite more than 5 persons in my home 😱.

A year ago and for a grand total of 127 days (from December 28 until May 7) our group size was at 8. It was still restrictive but if I go down the comparaison line (and I know that comparaison is the thief of joy 🙄) I’d rather be limited to 8 than 5. No limit would be better but let’s not go to wishful thinking craziness!!!

I’m still holding hope that they realize how ridiculous this is and lift the 5-person rule in time for my next walk challenge with my Let’s Cross the Island from North to South and East to West group of ladies next month.

I’ll keep you posted. I have less than 125 days and I really hope I won’t have another rant to post.

ps: believe me this is a mild rant compare to what you could read online 😉

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Will menus become a thing of the past?

I’m not sure how I could go to the restaurant (well I can only speak for Singapore, since I haven’t left in 2 years!) without a phone.

First I need to check-in via QR code and then show proof of vaccination via my TraceTogether app; once I’m seated most restaurants have converted to online menu. To top it all off I also can pay via my bank app on my phone.

PS: Menus on phone could be a blessing because I can zoom in as much as I want 😂. Menus seem to be printed with smaller and smaller font over the years (that’s the only explanation I have 😉)


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Show you care for your loved one this Valentine’s Day 😉



14-Feb-2022: D-125 before departure

14 February 2020…. We thought it would be just a fling, slightly longer than a one-night stand but we sure didn’t think we would still be together 2 years later Mr. C. 😉😂

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day nonetheless.


~~~Just a little FYI So for my last 200 days in Singapore I have decided to reblog, in no special order, a post from the 6 years I will have spent on the Little Red Dot. PS: you will then get 2 posts a day!!~~~

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The glass of water has become the cue that we can take off our mask once seated.

Restaurants have never served you a glass of water faster than in the last 2 years, so that they are in accordance of the regulations that we can only remove our masks when we eat or drink.

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New art pieces springing all over Singapore.

A side effect of the pandemic.

NB: Since hawker centers are opened to anyone, they have to differentiate people who are vaccinated (sticker) and can eat at the hawker center and the unvaccinated who can only do pick up.

When dine-in and vaccination status started at hawkers center last year, there were no differentiation and they only asked you at the entrance and of course my first thought was who prevent anyone to say they only go for pick up and then sit down?! Well apparently I wasn’t the only one thinking it because they caught a few uncles doing just that 😉.

Side note: restaurants are only for vaccinated people. Because a large segment of the elderly get their food from hawker centers they couldn’t prevent the non vaccinated to go (or that was another problem to solve)

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