Welcome to my little corner of the Web

by A Total TaiTai Tale

Starting Was Easy…
Keeping It Going Is Harder.

I show up here every single day and post (at least) one picture…
and it’s been going on since 5th August 2013.


This is the follow-up of a little personal blog started in 2006 (!) when we moved to Beijing, followed up by a blog of our time in Norway (but abandoned after 2 years) but…

We are back in the ‘Jing….
Let’s the madness begin.
We are not new at this…
It’s 20+ years in the making:
USA, France, Argentina, Scotland, China, Norway & China (again) are the places we lived.
As for the places we visited… Should I do an A to Z list?!

Update: We left the ‘Jing and move to Sing’…. 20 years and we are still spinning around (with) the world

The posts on this blog are auto-posted
(because WordPress is blocked in China!) from the original blog:
Sometimes it doesn’t work perfectly, sorry 😦