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Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!

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Just a few hours before we go back to group of 5 people gatherings (we were allowed group of 8 since CNY in mid February) we got to celebrate our Let’s Cross The Island Challenge (x2) all together with a High Tea at the Fullerton Hotel.

In those 12 weeks of group of 8, we managed to cross the island from North to South and East to West and a few other hikes.

I made them Award Certificates for their accomplishments. 😂

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Since I walked the 40 km I may as well milk this East to West Walk to the max 😉

Here’s a little video of our combined walks…. I seemed to only take pictures of the great nature paths and skipped all the urban surrounding

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3v0d5MP



Yesterday we completed the challenge of crossing the island from East to West.

The Coast-to-Coast trail is not a pure East to West coast walk but more using the great Park Connector Network in Singapore; so It’s more urbanized (needs to be accessible to the wider public) but it was a nice challenge to undertake with friends.

With 40 km of trails, we decided to split it into 2 parts and it was a blessing. First of all, it’s starting to be very hot and we are not walking as fast as we have roads to cross for example.

So now, not along did I walk across the island from East to West but I have also walk from North to South last month and also Around The Island 4 years ago.

There’s no better to discover a place than walking it. You might not like everywhere but there’s a great chance you’ll discover little hidden gems.

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