A Total TaiTai Tale

Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!

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I’m a big advocate to go out of your comfort zone.

Move to a different country without speaking the language, it might change your life path.

Take that trip with a bunch of strangers, they bout to become friends.

Sign up for activities that you might not have thought of, it might become your saving grace.

The coaches I didn’t think I needed in my life, especially in the past 2 years: Leeanne, Denes, Jane (+ missing from this picture Eams). I wasn’t the most dedicated teammate, I only trained once a week but I showed up every single week without fail.


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I didn’t have a photo in waiting to post but it’s Tuesday so there’s always outrigger canoe.

So here’s a picture of our oc6 canoe just before leaving for our 2-hour training session around Sentosa island this morning.

Sorry (not sorry?!) if the weather is not so great where you are reading this from, I will feel your pain in delay next year 😂

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When you start to be comfortable in your training, coach Denes like to throw some nice surprise at us… like attaching 2 canoes together.

oc12 and 1-hour long stretch non stop. I need a nap

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Some people take the ferry or charter a boat to go to Lazarus Island, we just power our own boat.

Last outrigger canoe outing of the year. This was the make-up session in case of bad weather, but the weather has been very cooperative even during this monsoon month so coach Denes decided to still have it and make it a celebration (and what a year it’s been with all the restrictions!) with a picnic.

Calories were consumed and promptly lost with the 13.5 km round trip paddling. Not sure how it works with the alcohol* consumption 🤔

* it was very limited anyway

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When your friend’s husband take a picture of the team in the outrigger canoes passing by their apartment.

With the restrictions back to group of 5 we can paddle again in the oc6 (minus 1 team member) and coach Denes kept us along the Sentosa coast so we could admire all the nice villas and condominiums 😂

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The outrigger canoe session where you realize that your direction fin doesn’t work and you go in circles or wherever the current takes you which is not necessarily where you want to go 🙄.

At least you’ve got your exercise of the week.

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I have been doing Outrigger Canoe for the past 2 years now but I’m usually in a oc6 which means I share our great speed or lack of it with 5 other teammates.

Lately with the group size restrictions in Singapore, we have been doing a lot of oc2, again sharing the win and the lost with somebody else.

For the past couple weeks coach Denes has been putting me in a oc1 which mean I can only blame myself when I’m not moving in the right direction and/or the right speed.

I also had to remind him that it was the only sport I was doing*. I don’t go to the gym to help with my endurance and strength and I only go to the session once a week (some of my team mates do double sessions (the 7am and the 9 am) on Tuesday AND Thursday plus often go at least once during the weekend. I, on the other hand, congratulate myself I don’t send a text to cancel my session every Tuesday morning when my alarm clock goes off.

It’s all about the small wins 😂

* my long walks are not really helping (strength in legs is no help with outrigger canoe 🙄)

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When you are blessed with the reverse farmer tan, as my son call it.

White leg and tanned feet.

We have been doing outrigger canoe sessions in oc2 (2 seaters) lately so we are seated a bit differently than on the big 6-seat canoe, hence my feet are getting all the sun (and water reflection).

Outrigger canoe is not good for my tan lines 😂

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When the weather is really not playing nice after you woke up early and took the 45-minute MRT ride to Sentosa Island for your weekly outrigger canoe session.

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Finally made it AROUND the big island (St Johns & Lazarus – we usually do a beach clean up on Lazarus but we go directly to the beach closer to the main island).

As you can see, it got a little rough on the south end of the islands in the big open ocean.

As an FYI…. We usually paddle to the 2 tiny islands on the left.

And this was my Tuesday adventure on sleepy Singapore….. Well sleepy until a few hours later when we heard the news of social gatherings going back to group of 5 (instead of 8) and now quarantine in hotel when you can get back to Singapore is 21 days (instead of 14) 😱🤷‍♀️

I know, Monday routine posted on a Wednesday and now Tuesday canoe outing posted on her Thursday. When will this madness end!

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