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When your local cafe has a sense of humor

NB: Volé à l’Indiana = Stolen from the Indiana (coffeeshop)

PS: I didn’t snatch it… only snapped (a photo 😉)

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This week is quite busy but today was chilling day at home (I’m totally and consciously ignoring my very long boring To-do list!)

I was sipping my coffee at Paris Baguette, ie using their much faster internet access, when I saw this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYRENWT8lz8)

I was laughing so hard until I realized what I was wearing!!

Grocery shopping in my ActiveWear today 😉



Dear Abby

My husband just came back from a business trip in Paris and brought back Infant Milk Powder. Knowing that 1) we don’t have a baby 2) I’m not pregnant and 3) I’m not planning on having another kid either, should I have some concerns?

Kinds regards,

Slightly Worried TaiTai

Disclaimer: this is tongue in cheek. Hubby is turning into quite the shopper for the office ladies.

He just told me he went to Valentino to check on shoes for one of the girls. I think I need to up my game with my shopping list. Next time I’ll concentrate on Place Vendôme 🙂



Wouldn’t that imply I do housework because I don’t 😉

Which remind me of the “sans profession” (no profession) category on some of the forms in France. I might not have a career (well unless Expat can be defined as a career!) but I do have a profession.


I usually don’t repost things here but that made me laugh.
Asian aging process



A couple of days ago…

Person 1 talking to Person 2 and walking toward me

Person 1 to Person 2: I really need to introduce you to my friend (me)

Me: Hi, I’m Celine

Person 2: laughing her butt off

Me thinking: well that’s a first.

Person 1: trying very hard to stay composed. Celine this is Dion

Celine Dion was in Beijing or at least Celine and Dion 😉

Forget about 11.12.13… Today was January 3rd, 2014 and according to the China Daily it’s an auspicious date to get married.

In Chinese it’s written 14.1.3 (year/month/day) which you could think it just looks like 14 13 but the true significance of the date lie in the pronunciation Yi Si Yi San ( which sounds like Yi Shi Yi Sheng which mean “Love you for a lifetime”.
Funny enough when I doubled check the meaning in Google translate it asked me if I meant “Yi Si Yi Sheng” (一死一生) which mean “A Dead Life” 😉

Day after a hike

I’m not sure I could be responsible for my acts if anybody comes close to my calves (the ones attached to my legs not the kinds that grow into cow).

Also did we really need to be living in an apartment with a couple of stairs between each and every roomK?  Do you know how painful it is to go from the study down the hallway, up the living room, down the kitchen AND back, just to get a glass of water?

No high heels on tomorrow’s date night that’s for sure.