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Keeping up with the green theme.

Here’s a condominium I went to a couple weeks ago.

Condominiums contrary to HDB are private property so unless you know somebody living in them you cannot enter (there are gated) so I was pleased to learn that I needed to drop something at this particular one because it looked already so green from the outside and I knew the inside wouldn’t disappoint.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we have a population density of 8358 per Km2 (21,646 people per mi2) in Singapore. Third highest density population, after Monaco and Macao but before Hong Kong actually yet we barely notice it in the Garden City.

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I went on a little adventure yesterday because I was looking for a place to take a photo of. Long story short I collect photo of Coca Cola bottle taken around the world for a friend and share them for his birthday but since I couldn’t traveled this past year I was wondering what I would do this year but I found a “Mecca” for Coca Cola in downtown Singapore so off and went. End if the parenthesis!!

But like all the other time I go on a mission I get sidetracked into more wandering…. since I’m in the neighborhood let me check this, oh and this is not far from there so let me check this too, etc, etc….

As I was wandering around the CBD, and while I was waiting for the green light, I turned and looked down this small street and thought this is exactly Singapore: the old, the new and a lot of greenery.

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Singapore nickname the Garden City is not in vain.

The complex is not even finished being built that some greenery are already in place.

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