A Total TaiTai Tale

Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!

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When you end up having a Kopi with your Grab (Uber) driver because we had such great conversations during the ride.

Apparently I’m not a typical TaiTai.


Slow down and you end up meeting great people.

NB: I know how to take picture with the subjects in the frame… I chose to crop it to post here. 😂

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Mother and Son Evening Walk #8

I had initially planned this walk to be our last one because it was the longest (12kms) but J was getting his second shot just before that last planned walk and I didn’t want to have a too strenuous walk right after. So this is the penultimate walk: the big loop around MacRitchie Reservoir

After the early departure lessons we had learned the previous 2 weeks he was ready in less than 15 minutes when I told him we should get going (most of the walk is in the forest and it gets dark(er) fast). I would have liked to stay a few more minutes to see the sky turn pink but I wasn’t going to push more. He did awesome.

NB: my posts are rarely in sync with my real life… these walks are done and dusted weeks ago 😉

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We are already at week 5 of the Mother and Son evening walk.

By now he’s willing (& enjoy) the walks, it’s just take so much effort to get started.

I usually remind him early afternoon that today is the day of our walk, then my 4pm I have to remind him that he needs to prepare. By 5pm I know I have to up my game if we want to not leave too late and not miss the sunset (and/or not finish the walk in the dark).

This week we walked around Bishan-Ang Mo Kio gardens, an easy flat walk. The beautiful city garden is not far from Lower Peirce Reservoir so it would be a nice end of walk sunset point. Well we arrived 15 minutes too late for the sunset (the exact 15 minutes I kept reminding to please hurry up putting his shoes on before leaving!). On a side note he didn’t take as long to get ready the following week (I think he was a little disappointed to have missed it). Every experience teach you a lesson.

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And just like that I’m documenting our 4th week of Mother-Son weekly evening walk.

It all started as a stroll around Gardens by the Bay with an idea of pushing it to the Barrage for a cool view of the city at sunset. Since he wasn’t complaining we crossed the barrage to get another view of the city and when he asked where was the bus stop/MRT station and I pointed it out over the bay he was game for the finish line.

Our initial little stroll around Gardens by the Bay ended up aa a 8-km walk around the bay with great views of the city at dusk.

He might secretly love those walks but would never admit it because #coolness

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And that’s 3 weeks in a row of Mother-Son weekly evening walk.

It’s actually our 4th walk together. After the Botanical Gardens (twice really), the Railway Corridor, the Southern Ridges, we have now ventured out even more to the west to Jurong Lake Gardens.

No beautiful sunset this week but what started as and was supposed to be a “Let’s walk next to each other and listen to our respective music/podcast while I show you around Singapore” has morphed into long conversations…. I, however, do not get to pick the subject of said conversations and I also do not dare to object. I merely listen. This week we (and by “we” I mean mainly “he”) talked about Qualia*

* I’m just going to put the definition here so you don’t have to google it 😉. “In philosophy and certain models of psychology, qualia (/ˈkwɑːliə/ or /ˈkweɪliə/; singular form: quale) are defined as individual instances of subjective, conscious experience. Examples of qualia include the perceived sensation of pain of a headache, the taste of wine, as well as the redness of an evening sky.” Yep!

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If I think really hard I can almost imagine I’m actually there.

Well, just like back in December 2014, I took a boat and I’m on a smaller island…. so it almost classifies it as a mini vacation… unfortunately it was pouring rain when we did the hike so no nice sky to make it a little more vacation dreamy 😉

This is one of the disused granite quarries at Pulau Ubin and I stand on the highest point of the island (Bukit Puaka) at 75 m.

Singapore > Thailand > Norway… same same but different 😂

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When your mother makes you go on weekly evening walk – Part 2

You don’t always get an epic sunset but you get to see part of the city from a pretty cool bridge (Henderson Waves) and end you walk on another one (Alexandra Arch).

Henderson waves connect Mount Faber to Telok Blangah Hill park. It’s a 274-meter-long pedestrian bridge. At 36 meters above Henderson Road it is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

Alexandra Arch is a 80-meter-long bridge that features a curved deck and tilted arch like an open leaf. Like the Henderson Waves it is lit with Color-charging LED lamps

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When your bookmark takes you 2 years back to another small island on the other side of the world.

On the plus side I am reading by a pool in a tropical island…. It could be worse.

Coincidently I was enjoying my first few days in St Barts 2 years ago this week. (and wasn’t surrounded by idiots 😜)

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When your mother make you go for the weekly evening walk* and you are rewarded by an amazing sunset, you don’t even complain when she ask you to pose for a photo (and even asked to have the photo forwarded to you)

*2 weeks in a row established it as a weekly walk and make it a mandatory evening walk to be done at least during the school holiday, don’t you think?

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Does living somewhere automatically disqualify it as paradise?

Well, I wouldn’t call currently living in Singapore as 100% paradise per se (given the many restrictions) BUT people pay a lot of money to be able to go to places and take this kind of picture of their vacation spot to impress other people. For me, it has been for a while #MyTuesdayView. 😉

So if as Sartre said “L’enfer c’est les autres*” (Hell is other people)… is paradise always somewhere else?

So far here is definitely not hell.

* No Exit (French: Huis clos) is a 1944 existentialist French play by Jean-Paul Sartre. The original title is the French equivalent of the legal term in camera, referring to a private discussion behind closed doors. […] The play begins with three characters who find themselves waiting in a mysterious room. It is a depiction of the afterlife in which three deceased characters are punished by being locked into a room together for eternity. It is the source of Sartre’s especially famous phrase “L’enfer, c’est les autres” or “Hell is other people”, a reference to Sartre’s ideas about the look and the perpetual ontological struggle of being caused to see oneself as an object from the view of another consciousness.

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