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Here’s a little recap of the 9 Mother & Son Evening Walks we did during the summer break.

What started as a spur of the moment little evening walk at the Botanical Gardens (#1) near our place which was followed the following by the Mount Faber & Southern ridges (#2), by the Green Corridor walk (#3) it became our little weekly Wednesday night ritual. We then ventured a little more West to Jurong Gardens (#4) then East to Gardens by the Bay & Barrage (#5) then we went North to Bishan/Ang Moh Kio garden with a finish line at Peirce Reservoir (#6). We conquered Singapore’s highest point (at 163.63 m!) with Butik Timah summit and the Dairy Farm loop (#7). After the highest point, I would challenge him with our longest walk for the loop around MacRitchie reservoir (#8) and we finish on a high with Fort Canning and ended our summer adventure at the Marina Bay Sand (#9)

It was a great way for J. to see the city from a different point of view (forest and nature parks are usually not on top of teenagers’ priority list), enjoy the city he has end up living in the longest and, a great way to get some exercise too.

I now need to find more routes to take him.

All the walks in detail here.

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Mother and Son Evening Walk #9

This will conclude our Mother & Son Evening Summer Break walks. I’ve added “Summer Break” to Evening Walks as when I mentioned that we could continue, maybe not weekly but (bi?) monthly, he didn’t object. In my book when it’s not a firm no it’s a yes 😉.

So for his ultimate walk before the start of the school year (even though this is posted way after he went back to school), it was a little bit of nature as with started at Fort Canning (but missed the photo op since a wedding photography was in session) followed by urban walk finishing at Marina Bay by the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands hotel.

NB: my posts are rarely in sync with my real life… these walks are done and dusted weeks ago 😉

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And here’s Mother and Son Evening Walk #7

This was supposed to be a short but brutal walk. It was indeed brutal but not as short as initially anticipated.

On the bright side since it was going to be a walk in the forest I made sure we left way before 6pm. (Lesson learned from the previous week was remembered!). So it was meant to be short because we were going to go to the top of Bukit Timah Hill, which is the highest point of Singapore at 163.63 meter. I know so high 😂 but the assent is brutal. It was followed by the Dairy Farm loop and its many, many, many steps (on a side note I’m used to be the fastest of the group on this walk, well I am not when I accompany a 17-year-old 😉)

So this was the brutal part, as for the short turned long part, as we were reaching the MRT station I realized I needed a few hundred more meter to get a round number of kms (I know I’m weird!) so we kept on walking then instead of turning around to go back to the MRT station I told him the next one was just a 20-minute walk (it said 35mn on the app but I never believe it because I walk fast!) and he said sure let’s go, and who am I to deprive him of 20 extra minutes of exercise. Turns out it was great because part of the walk was a section of the Green corridor path that was closed when I walked it with my friends back in March. Win/Win situation and 8 km added to his tally (and a ok sunset)

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There is an HDB (number) for every occasion.

We have our return ticket for June 19…. It’s just a date J’s assistant picked to reschedule our initial flight first issued 2 years ago, but if we stick to this date, today marks the half point between J’s departure from Singapore and my departure from Singapore. Hoping really really hard that he will be able to come back to Singapore before we need to leave for good.

317 days done… 317 days to go.

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