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Balance Ton Vieux {Squeal On Your Elderly}

It’s rare that a punchline/tagline comes to me in French but each time I see this ad I think of the hashtag used for the #MeToo movement in France, which was #BalanceTonPorc, translated in the Anglo-Saxon media by #SquealOnYouPig.

Balance” in this context can be translated “to denounce” (or “to expose”) or in more familiar terms “to squeal on” or “to rat on/to rat out”.

I have no “Senior to Refer” so I’m not eligible for any eVoucher.

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A husband was also delivered at the same time.

They also have a longer expiration date but grateful hubby could come visit us again.

“The way to a man’s woman’s heart is through his her stomach tastebuds”

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Oh no, I was so looking forward…

  • to partying… but no more than 5 people, because group restriction.
  • to drinking… but only until 10:30pm, after which alcohol is prohibited to be served at restaurants/bars.
  • to watching the fireworks… well the weather took care of that.

My philosophy is that you can go to bed after the time the fireworks you watched in person anywhere around the world is over.

So for me it’s Sydney, Australia which mean by 9:15pm (Singapore time) I can be cozy in bed with some herbal tea. I’m telling you, a true party animal I am. 😉

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Last new regulations of the year…. for sure (but so much can happen in 48 hours!!)

So to be clear this was the default measures less than a month ago, then the omicron cases started to come from people arriving on planes. So they went to their default setting which is “panic” and started to quarantine people in hotels, facilities, hospitals… it wasn’t quite clear. Only people who tested positive on arrival (mind you, you have to have a negative test to be able to board a plane departing for Singapore), then it was also people near a positive case (3 rows?, 10 rows? around, again not quite clear) then wild rumors started to circulate that entire plane were quarantined if there were 1 case on the flight.

A week later and realizing that there would be not enough space in hospital, facilities or hotel if they started to quarantine everybody without as much as symptoms or in any danger they were back to their “let’s go back to less panicked” setting.

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When you really thought you were done writing about the change of policies related to Covid-19 in Singapore.

I have been asked a few times by thoughtful friends why we had decided not to travel this end of the year. My answer is frankly I don’t have the most trust in rules not changing at the last minute.

I feel like I’m running a marathon with a finishing line in June 2022 and I cannot risk taking a little break before that and risking not being able to finish it, and frankly, after running for this long, I may as well keep running.

PS: Technically it doesn’t affect hubby’s trip in January since he already bought his ticket. Finger crossed it doesn’t change to more restrictions again (more and more people are being quarantined after arriving in Singapore if there was a passenger who test positive for Covid Omicron in their flight!)

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And Just Like That…. it’s over 😉

Almost 2 years of logging onto the school website every morning to report that he doesn’t have a fever over 37.5°C.

As a side note, temperature checking at the entrance of public places (malls, restaurants, etc…) ended in August of this year but we were still required to fill out the form every single school day.

Now to entertain a teenager for the next 3 weeks of winter break. Winter being the name of the season not really the temperature!

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I used to take this “walking into the airport back portrait” each time we went on a trip. I have a whole collection; it’s often the first picture I posted of our travel photos during our trips.

I haven’t seen the inside of an airport since 31 December 2019 when we landed at Changi airport in Singapore from our family trip to Perth & Margaret River in Australia. I am now left with documenting the last family trip to the grocery store before someone flies back home.

The Glamorous Life of an Expat during a Pandemic… we traded cold mountains to Cold Storage*

* it’s the name of the supermarket 😉😂

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The quarantine-free VTL across the Causeway between Singapore and Malaysia started yesterday.

Thousands of family have been separated for the past 20 months (since March 2020 when the borders were closed) and can finally reunite. Technically cross-border travel resumed in August last year but with the cost of 2-weeks, then 3-weeks than 1-week quarantine and PCR tests on each side it wasn’t feasible for almost anyone of the daily commuters. It is one of the busiest border crossings in the world, with 350,000 travellers daily. A vast majority of these travellers are Malaysian citizens working or studying in Singapore.

Up to 2,880 people will be able to travel each day, with 1,440 travellers in each direction. Travellers have to be citizens, permanent residents or long-term pass holders (work permit, employment pass, student’s pass or long-term visit pass) of the country that they are entering.

They must also use one of the 64 daily designated VTL bus services, 32 in each direction, which will run from 7.30am to 9.30pm every day.

Imagine being separated from your family for almost 2 years, if you wanted to keep your job in Singapore, by a causeway of 1 km (0.62 mi).

So this is not a “back to normal” situation but more a way for many to at least go see their loved one for a little while, have a little break.

If you would like to see the craziness of crossing the causeway by car, motorcycle or even as a pedestrian check this article.

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When you are really bored on a rainy Sunday, you color code the different phases of Singapore Restrictions during Covid. (Please don’t message me telling me I need a life, I already know it 😂)

Here’s a bonus picture of a Rainbow outside my window… because without the rain there would be no rainbows.

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Once again I was starting to scratch my head for what I would post today but the Singapore Government saved the day.

Within minutes of the umpteenth announcements since the whole Covid-19 debacles, my WhatsApp messages alert from different groups started to light up like a Christmas tree (well timed allegory!).

We are back to 5-pax vaccinated gatherings (from Monday 22 November); cafés, restaurants, in house guests, walking (yep walking with more then 1 person was not permitted!) and we are almost celebrating like it’s the end of World War Covid.

So basically we are back to the period of August 10 to September 27 when fully vaccinated group of 5 people could gather and eat out together which was followed by an excruciating 2-month period of 2 pax max gathering! (Let’s hope the pattern doesn’t repeat!)

On a side note, I joked in a previous post that the end of the music ban at venues was not our main priority but it was indeed nice to have soft music in the background while we were at the restaurant last night (the little thing you don’t really notice until they are gone!)

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