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Tuesday Talk in Town.

We’ve been checking in and out of venues (& even the beach) for so long that it became second nature. Take your phone (well actually keep it in your hands at all time it’s better!), open the TraceTogether app and scan the QR code to enter and don’t forget to check out either or you’ll be at multiple places all across the island 😂.

Recently with the restrictions of entrance to malls, movie theaters, restaurants, etc to only vaccinated people we need to not only show the screen of our Checked-In status but also our Vaccinated status.

The 2-step procedure was taking too long at the entrance of the establishments so within days the TraceTogether app was updated to a 1-step procedure. In order to deter people from doing a screenshot of the Vaccinated Status they have added a swimming otter 😂 (As you can see when I screen recorded the app it even added a transparency seal mentioning it was indeed a screen recording).

The little otter has been the talk of the town in the Expat Wives forums…. What can I say, we are easily amused and there were not much more we could talk about from the Christmas decorations on Orchard road anyway. 😉

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13 more minutes before landing.

417 days since he left Singapore.

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Blast off… Reach for the moon you might end up in the stars.

My star is currently in the sky 💫

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Here’s your fortnight update on “Let See What They Came Up With This Week To Make Our Life Better” Singapore Edition.

So last update was: nothing change (same 2-people restrictions) but to sweeten the “promise to lift the restrictions that we are now not promising you but we will in two weeks time” the Vaccinated Travel Lanes were announced. For us it was great because it meant that hubby, after 417 days apart, could come visit. But it still meant that we weren’t allowed to meet up with more than 1 other friend for coffee, lunch, dinner, drink or even just a walk, and could only have 2 visitors per day!

This week deal sweetener of the “promise to lift the restrictions that we are now not promising you but we will in two weeks time, for suuuure” is that group of up to 5 fully vaccinated people could dine together…. BUT they need to be from the same household. So again great for us as hubby is arriving soon but it still mean I cannot go have coffee, lunch, dinner, a drink or go for a walk with more than 1 friend, and can only invite 2 people per day in my home!

Now the headache for restaurants, which face up to S$10,000 fine and possible closure if in effraction, starts as they need to make sure that all dinners are indeed from the same household. 🤦‍♀️. As a side note, until yesterday family members of more than 2 people could arrive in the same car or taxi but couldn’t be seated at the same table in the restaurant and the reason given was it was too difficult to monitor 😂

Oh and I had almost forgotten soft recorded music will be allowed at F&B outlets (it was banned since June 18). Yes this is definitely what the people wants more than anything else, our number One priority: soft music in restaurant (NB Live music and entertainment are still not allowed)


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November 5… 50 days until Christmas.

Singapore Christmas decorations on Orchard…. Are we seeing too much in the theme chosen this year? 😂

I know the Expat Wives are a bunch of Unsatisfied Spoiled Brats at time so it’s either too Disney sponsored for their likings or they see Golden cages everywhere. 🤔

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J. first test.

He’s not pregnant… I mean he doesn’t have Covid-19.

He can keep being educated in person at school 😂

NB: as I said before I’m documenting this because in a few years there will be questions and I can say check on the blog for your answer (talking from personal experience 😉)

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So a couple days ago the Singapore government announced that “Primary school pupils will need to take an antigen rapid test (ART) every two weeks until school closes for the holidays in November, said the Ministry of Education (MOE)”

I started to see comments on the expat forum saying it would most likely be implemented at international schools too (the first announcement is always about local schools then the international schools are notified a few days later).

Well we just got an email from our school that students (all grades!) need to do the ART test before going back to school on Monday (tomorrow). We’ve been on a 2-week October break. (& yes I survived, thanks for asking 😉😂)

The 2 packages of 3 kits were already in my mailbox (complementary of the Ministry of Health)


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So I’m not quite sure at what Part # I am at currently but here’s your weekly?, bimonthly?, monthly? « What’s Up Singapore & Your Covid-19 Restrictions »

Last time I updated you I was mentioning that Minister of Finance (and co-chairs of a multi-ministerial committee managing the COVID-19 pandemic) Mr Lawrence Wong announced the opening of the Vaccinated Travel Lines (VTL) with 9 more countries but at the same time not ending the restrictions of the 2-pers meet up like we all anticipated. (Thumbs up with the Good News/Bad News scenario)

Those restrictions were supposed to finally end this weekend and we were all planning our 5 people (didn’t even dreamt of 8 people) gathering for the following weeks…. well our dreams will still be dreams as the restrictions have been extended instead for another month (to be reviewed after 2 weeks… but we’ve been fed that line before 🙄)


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The big VTL saga – Part 3 (click for Part One & Two)

So like a lot of things here we implement rules then we think about how to do it.

Current problems are that people might have middle names (most of us have more then 1 middle name) but we don’t use it really so all the vaccinations documents only have family name and first name but then our passport have all our name so there is the 1st discrepancy when uploading document on the VTL website for approval. Second overlook on the Singaporean government is that European countries only deliver one QR code once the full vaccination is done but the VTL website wants 2 QR code (one for each shot) and won’t bulge and you cannot pass to the next level 🙄.

Current hubby situation: have a flight to Singapore, stuck on the approval part of entering Singapore. We have a title over a month before arrival I’m sure it will be solved way before that 🤞

The screenshot above was shared on a forum to warn people going to Europe (everyone, expats and locals, want to get out of our little red dot!!) that it might be tricky staying in your VTL safe countries, since some territories (not even counting the big obvious countries not on the VTL list) might void your eligibility to the quarantine free trip.

One lady said… can you imagine being in Rome and not going to Vatican City in order to be able to take the VTL flight 😂.

PS: I’m documenting this because, as I have stated before, in a few years nobody will believe all this sh!t show and I want proof of it 😂

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When half a country jump on the internet to plan their winter vacation within minutes of learning we are free to travel (no quarantine or only 7-day at home isolation depending on your family situation) 😂

Which also mean a LOT of stupid questions in forums. Reading comprehension should be an absolute requirement in school plus “Let Me Google That For You” the default setting for most people. Also the government websites are a mine of useful information. I cannot believe the number of time I have looked for the answer of a question in a forum on the government website and it was there in plain sight. The more information people have at their fingertips the more stupid questions they ask strangers 🙄

Also today October 12 is the official opening at the VTL applications process so it’s not going to be better. Grab on your seat all Airlines websites 😂

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