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Flashback Friday…. Another one from Norway.

There is a lot of talk about how safe Singapore is; where you can leave your bag or phone on your table while you got fetch your order.

But for me the stroller left outside… with Babies in them!- is very much a Norwegian (and most Scandinavian countries) thing. So I couldn’t help but have a pick inside the stroller 😉 (no baby inside here with the heat!)

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Flashback Friday…Just had a little deja vue while walking around.

Reminiscence of our days in Norway where we took our plastic bottles to the grocery store and fed them to a machine similar to this one and got some money back. (Each plastic bottle had a 1 NOK fee so by returning the bottle you got that fee back)

It used to be the kids’ job and they got to keep the few NOK (Norwegian Krone) when they came with me to the store 😉

PS: Norway leads the world with its incredible recycling scheme that has achieved a 97% recovery rate on all plastic bottles waste!

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3tKyN7j