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Yesterday was my very last “First Day Back-To-School”.

My kids started school before the photos with a poster of their key milestones that year were a trend, so I have no tangible memory of what they wanted to be when they grew up, what was their favorite colors that year, etc

One of my friends commented on my Facebook post (this year but also years before below the photo of my way of documenting 1st day 😉) your last Freedom Coffee!!. We used to joke that once kids were back in school OUR vacation were starting (because everyone knows that stay-at-home moms are on vacation all year round right 🙄). The Freedom coffee was the first coffee we could enjoy free of kids, talking about our summer and how we would tackle this new year but also trying to shed the “mom” talk and go back to “woman” talk (🤯).

*** oh no she’s not done talking ***

Coffee have always been a way to connect but in the Expat world it’s the ignition of your new life. Not only will you most likely get friends (and if you are lucky Best Friend) but you’ll also get answers to all your questions because that’s when you realize that we are all clueless at some levels trying to navigate this new country.

But in order to enjoy your Freedom Coffee with company you first have to get friends and in the expat world you find your squad at Welcome Coffees. The school Welcome Coffee is the obvious place for your first friends…. You have things in common: you have great taste in school (😉) and then the kids…. Sometimes they are even in the same grade and sometimes, jackpot, in the same class!. The other place to find people to connect with are Newcomers Group Welcome Coffee (there are some for every nationality) where you are not Little Timmy’s mother or Mr Jones’ Wife… you are just YOU.

There were no Welcome Coffee this year and I feel so sad for all the newcomers, especially the very new one who are just embarking into Expat Life because it will take them longer to connect.

*** back to one line comment underneath a photo tomorrow. Thanks for reading. ***

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I used to have what we called Freedom Coffee on the first day of school with the others moms back in the days when our kids were younger (& we could gather around at a cafe with a crowd!!)

This year it’s was Champagne!!!! After 5 MONTHS of being at home it was time but it was a little bit of a bittersweet moment: On the one hand, you want to celebrate & on the other hand, it’s the end of the bubble 🥰. Summer is over

Distance learning started on March 18, he went back to school for an hour on June 18 and we are back full time in school on August 18… hopefully it’s for the long term 🤔. Let’s Grade 11 and IB start.

The photo was actually taken yesterday afternoon. He learned a long time ago that it is less painful to comply right away because I can nag him for a very long time for a photo. However I’m granted 5 takes, I have to plan ahead and pray it will work out because just like any diva it’s a take-it or leave-it, non-negotiable deal 🙄

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Back to School (finally!) tomorrow.

Trying to be pro active and get everything ready… when I realized that the maximun Top-up amount on the school lunch card had been significantly increased with the latest update of the online lunch ordering system.

At S$10 spent per day and with 180 days of school a year that would take 55 and half year to through this much money. 😉

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It’s not like I’m not used to see her let go of my hand around this time of the year but in the years past I would see her step off the school bus a mere few hours later.

Nowadays letting her hand go to go to school involves airport drop off and see her come through those doors are not counted in hours but in days…. 101 to be exact.

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