A Total TaiTai Tale

Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!


Sunday Sound of Singapore – my Tuesday Outrigger Canoe session

Sound on 🔈

It might not be a typical “Sound of Singapore” for everyone but it was definitely one of mine for almost 3 years.

My first recording was just about the sound of our paddles hitting the water but then I realized I needed to include our dear coach Denes for the full experience.

Missing from the recording are his interpretation of minutes. We call it Hungarian minutes because it goes: 3 minutes left…5 minutes left… 30 seconds left then about 2 minutes after his last 30-sec countdown he calls… and easy!).

When I went to my try-out session with my friend Sophie, I remember telling her wow he doesn’t talk much. Her reply… oh no he was very chatty today 😂. Nevertheless for somebody who doesn’t like the beach, the sand, the sun and the water I somehow kept on going every Tuesday and may I say enjoyed it (to the disbelief of most of my friends!!)

Mahalo Denes.


~~Every city has its own color, smell, sound, and vibe. While I can share the colors through photography and sometime the vibe too, I thought I would try to share with you the sounds that are so specific to Singapore. ~~

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We went back to Chinatown, first because we wanted to go back to a little restaurant we went to when we arrived 6 months ago and second because we forgot to look for the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple last weekend.
Turned out it was literally just around the corner of where we were for Chinese New Year.

It’s a gorgeous Buddhist temple… inside and outside. Now I want to go back with my big camera (not just my iPhone) and take a picture at dusk.



29-May-2022: D-21 before departure

The excitement of when you first arrive somewhere and discover the places.

When you are a tourist to tend to plan your outing because you don’t want to miss anything while you are visiting but when you live in a place, you discover it at a slower place, you take your time and wonder around. You might miss something but you can always go back and back again, at a different time, during different occasion and see it on different light and mood.

After 24 years of visiting Paris as a “tourist” (we only stay a couple days each year for some meetings/business we have to take care of) it will be nice to take my time to wonder around and (re) discover it at a slower pace.


~~~Just a little FYI So for my last 200 days in Singapore I have decided to reblog, in no special order, a post from the 6 years I will have spent on the Little Red Dot. PS: you will then get 2 posts a day!!~~~

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