A Total TaiTai Tale

Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!


Sunday Sound of Singapore – 5:55pm

Sound on 🔈

From 25 floors below at 5:55pm everyday, I am reminded that I need to think about what’s for dinner 😉


~~Every city has its own color, smell, sound, and vibe. While I can share the colors through photography and sometime the vibe too, I thought I would try to share with you the sounds that are so specific to Singapore. ~~

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Weird things make me happy

Printing your own photography cannot be described until you see your own picture appearing from a “blank” piece of exposed paper.

Choose the photo to print from your developed film
Test strip: 5, 10, 15, 20s
Then onto the
Developer: 2mn
Stop bath: 30s
Fixer: 3mn
Hypo clear: 3mn
Rise print: 10mn
Then hang and admire.
Do it all over again, most likely with the same picture because you will want to adjust things: dodging and burning… the real kind not the photoshop kind 😉



15-May-2022: D-35 before departure

Just like in photography you can enlarge or reduce your experience. Not everything is positive

People tend to pay more attention to negative events than positive ones. Our brains evolved to react much more strongly to negative experiences than positive ones. It kept us safe from danger. But in modern days, where physical danger is minimal, it often just gets in the way. It’s called the negativity bias.

So develop those negatives and make beautiful positif.

One thing I love about photography is that it force you to slow down and observe. Important photographs are invisible to anyone in a hurry.


~~~Just a little FYI So for my last 200 days in Singapore I have decided to reblog, in no special order, a post from the 6 years I will have spent on the Little Red Dot. PS: you will then get 2 posts a day!!~~~

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