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While I post every day here, my photos are not necessarily in synch with my life; it loosely follows but it’s not a day to day account of my life. I don’t go every Monday in search of a murals, I batch post for my Monday Murals post for example 😂

However I have another personal A-Photo-A-Day* challenge where the photo needs to be taken on that day (I’m not sure why I do this to myself 😉). Some days I’m busy and have many things going on that would deserve a photo but I need to choose only one. Other days, well let say, are more challenging and I need to put my creative hat on to come up to yet another way of “documenting” chores day 😂

This is one of those days!!!

* I’ve been doing it since 24th December 2014. I cannot link to any of the photo since there are not made to be public. I made some photo books and also a big poster on my birthday last year (that’s how this whole challenge started!)



30-Apr-2022: D-50 before departure

The Glamorous Expat Life.

For some, just because we live abroad, “normal” life seems to not be part of our life anymore.

We don’t show the mundane, lonely, dull moments; you don’t share them either why should we? We tend to share what everyone wants to see. We’ve become your entertainment, your window onto a “better” life. You don’t get a better life, a more entertaining life by just moving. You are the defining element of your happiness. Happiness is a direction, not a place.

A few years ago a friend told me, after talking about places I might not want to move to “I’m not worried, you will always bloom where you are planted.” With friends like this. 🥰

I have also had someone telling me on a photo trip: I didn’t expect you to be like you are. I was surprised because we had never met. It turned out they had built an image of me thru the (very few) things I post on Instagram and “made up their mind” how I was like. The 1% I share doesn’t define the 99 other percent.

“Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”


~~~Just a little FYI So for my last 200 days in Singapore I have decided to reblog, in no special order, a post from the 6 years I will have spent on the Little Red Dot. PS: you will then get 2 posts a day!!~~~

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