Apparently this young fella is turning 13 today.
Not sure how this happened because I’m pretty sure I took this photo last week or maybe the week before 😉

Joyeux Anniversaire – Happy Birthday J.

You are officially a teenager!!!
OMG I might go into hiding for 5 years… see you in 2022. Just kidding 😉



13-Jan-2022: D-157 before departure

And just like that 5 years has passed and I can come out of hiding 😉

This was your first birthday celebrated in Singapore (obviously not this photo!) and this is your last birthday celebrated in Singapore.

You’ve celebrated your 1st birthday in Scotland, second in France then it was China, Norway, China again and Singapore.

You are now not only a teenager but also legally responsible for yourself. (which makes me again only legally responsible for just my own self since 2000).

Un Very Joyeux Birthday Mon Baby 🥰


~~~Just a little FYI So for my last 200 days in Singapore I have decided to reblog, in no special order, a post from the 6 years I will have spent on the Little Red Dot. PS: you will then get 2 posts a day!!~~~


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