by A Total TaiTai Tale


Last new regulations of the year…. for sure (but so much can happen in 48 hours!!)

So to be clear this was the default measures less than a month ago, then the omicron cases started to come from people arriving on planes. So they went to their default setting which is “panic” and started to quarantine people in hotels, facilities, hospitals… it wasn’t quite clear. Only people who tested positive on arrival (mind you, you have to have a negative test to be able to board a plane departing for Singapore), then it was also people near a positive case (3 rows?, 10 rows? around, again not quite clear) then wild rumors started to circulate that entire plane were quarantined if there were 1 case on the flight.

A week later and realizing that there would be not enough space in hospital, facilities or hotel if they started to quarantine everybody without as much as symptoms or in any danger they were back to their “let’s go back to less panicked” setting.

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