by A Total TaiTai Tale


When you really thought you were done writing about the change of policies related to Covid-19 in Singapore.

I have been asked a few times by thoughtful friends why we had decided not to travel this end of the year. My answer is frankly I don’t have the most trust in rules not changing at the last minute.

I feel like I’m running a marathon with a finishing line in June 2022 and I cannot risk taking a little break before that and risking not being able to finish it, and frankly, after running for this long, I may as well keep running.

PS: Technically it doesn’t affect hubby’s trip in January since he already bought his ticket. Finger crossed it doesn’t change to more restrictions again (more and more people are being quarantined after arriving in Singapore if there was a passenger who test positive for Covid Omicron in their flight!)

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