by A Total TaiTai Tale


Once again I was starting to scratch my head for what I would post today but the Singapore Government saved the day.

Within minutes of the umpteenth announcements since the whole Covid-19 debacles, my WhatsApp messages alert from different groups started to light up like a Christmas tree (well timed allegory!).

We are back to 5-pax vaccinated gatherings (from Monday 22 November); cafés, restaurants, in house guests, walking (yep walking with more then 1 person was not permitted!) and we are almost celebrating like it’s the end of World War Covid.

So basically we are back to the period of August 10 to September 27 when fully vaccinated group of 5 people could gather and eat out together which was followed by an excruciating 2-month period of 2 pax max gathering! (Let’s hope the pattern doesn’t repeat!)

On a side note, I joked in a previous post that the end of the music ban at venues was not our main priority but it was indeed nice to have soft music in the background while we were at the restaurant last night (the little thing you don’t really notice until they are gone!)

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3x4CXJq