by A Total TaiTai Tale


Here’s your fortnight update on “Let See What They Came Up With This Week To Make Our Life Better” Singapore Edition.

So last update was: nothing change (same 2-people restrictions) but to sweeten the “promise to lift the restrictions that we are now not promising you but we will in two weeks time” the Vaccinated Travel Lanes were announced. For us it was great because it meant that hubby, after 417 days apart, could come visit. But it still meant that we weren’t allowed to meet up with more than 1 other friend for coffee, lunch, dinner, drink or even just a walk, and could only have 2 visitors per day!

This week deal sweetener of the “promise to lift the restrictions that we are now not promising you but we will in two weeks time, for suuuure” is that group of up to 5 fully vaccinated people could dine together…. BUT they need to be from the same household. So again great for us as hubby is arriving soon but it still mean I cannot go have coffee, lunch, dinner, a drink or go for a walk with more than 1 friend, and can only invite 2 people per day in my home!

Now the headache for restaurants, which face up to S$10,000 fine and possible closure if in effraction, starts as they need to make sure that all dinners are indeed from the same household. 🤦‍♀️. As a side note, until yesterday family members of more than 2 people could arrive in the same car or taxi but couldn’t be seated at the same table in the restaurant and the reason given was it was too difficult to monitor 😂

Oh and I had almost forgotten soft recorded music will be allowed at F&B outlets (it was banned since June 18). Yes this is definitely what the people wants more than anything else, our number One priority: soft music in restaurant (NB Live music and entertainment are still not allowed)


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