by A Total TaiTai Tale


Wednesday Wanderings and Wonderings.

Sometimes setting yourself some limits force you to look at things in a different way; you need to readjust.

To support an idea I have, I needed to go shoot some frames at a set focal length and I also wanted clean lines so decided to shoot in Black & White too (you are not distracted by the colors and see shapes better). At several point during the photowalk, I got frustrated because either the photo I had in mind needed a wider focal length or would have looked better in colors…. But that was not the point of the exercice; I needed photos with those (self imposed) criteria, not the environment dictating the end photo.

There are limits on everything you do, anywhere you live… you either accept them or decide it doesn’t fit your criteria and change something.

NB: this moment does not really exist as presented. 😉

On a side note I’m rethink sharing ideas with friends and mentioning well it’ll probably just stay an idea… I’m only accountable to myself. Some friends take up the challenge of me being accountable and keep on pressing the matter 🙄. We’ll see.

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