After a while, meeting for coffee/tea/lunch en tête à tête (since we are only allowed in group of 2) can feel a little constrained.

So I have decided to go for walks or photowalks with friends. The conversations seem to flow better plus we never run out of subjects, we just need to look around.

Today I took my friend Jenny to Ang Mo Kio park and more specifically to Kebun Bahru Birdsinging Club. Of course it was way overcast and almost to the point of rain but after buying a cheap umbrella at 7/11 it never actually rained (best $3 spend if it meant it stopped the rain 😂)

The Birdsinging corner was depleted of uncles and bird cages; photos of the park disappointing but I had those ones from a previous visit in my draft folder and they were waiting to be used in a post… mission accomplished: both showing one of my favorite place to a friend and using the photos snapped months ago… and that’s not even counting great conversation.

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2Zs0l72