Follow up on yesterday’s post.

Well once I learnt that the article was published in a daily newspaper and I wouldn’t be able to find the hard copy the next day I had to go on a hunt… at 9pm.

All the local markets near our condo were already closed so I needed to find a 24/7 place which would have it. After 2 bus rides and getting lost in a HDB, I found it.

The lady at the counter seemed perplex when I asked her where I could find the newspaper… looked at me twice (making sure she was indeed talking to an Ang Moh under the mask) and said but it’s in Chinese. I told her I was just interested by the photos 😉😂

Online version (with the correct photographer credited 😉: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/lifestyle/feature/story20211022-1205738)

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3E63Vmo