So I’m not quite sure at what Part # I am at currently but here’s your weekly?, bimonthly?, monthly? « What’s Up Singapore & Your Covid-19 Restrictions »

Last time I updated you I was mentioning that Minister of Finance (and co-chairs of a multi-ministerial committee managing the COVID-19 pandemic) Mr Lawrence Wong announced the opening of the Vaccinated Travel Lines (VTL) with 9 more countries but at the same time not ending the restrictions of the 2-pers meet up like we all anticipated. (Thumbs up with the Good News/Bad News scenario)

Those restrictions were supposed to finally end this weekend and we were all planning our 5 people (didn’t even dreamt of 8 people) gathering for the following weeks…. well our dreams will still be dreams as the restrictions have been extended instead for another month (to be reviewed after 2 weeks… but we’ve been fed that line before 🙄)


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