by A Total TaiTai Tale


I have been doing Outrigger Canoe for the past 2 years now but I’m usually in a oc6 which means I share our great speed or lack of it with 5 other teammates.

Lately with the group size restrictions in Singapore, we have been doing a lot of oc2, again sharing the win and the lost with somebody else.

For the past couple weeks coach Denes has been putting me in a oc1 which mean I can only blame myself when I’m not moving in the right direction and/or the right speed.

I also had to remind him that it was the only sport I was doing*. I don’t go to the gym to help with my endurance and strength and I only go to the session once a week (some of my team mates do double sessions (the 7am and the 9 am) on Tuesday AND Thursday plus often go at least once during the weekend. I, on the other hand, congratulate myself I don’t send a text to cancel my session every Tuesday morning when my alarm clock goes off.

It’s all about the small wins 😂

* my long walks are not really helping (strength in legs is no help with outrigger canoe 🙄)

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