The big VTL saga – Part 3 (click for Part One & Two)

So like a lot of things here we implement rules then we think about how to do it.

Current problems are that people might have middle names (most of us have more then 1 middle name) but we don’t use it really so all the vaccinations documents only have family name and first name but then our passport have all our name so there is the 1st discrepancy when uploading document on the VTL website for approval. Second overlook on the Singaporean government is that European countries only deliver one QR code once the full vaccination is done but the VTL website wants 2 QR code (one for each shot) and won’t bulge and you cannot pass to the next level 🙄.

Current hubby situation: have a flight to Singapore, stuck on the approval part of entering Singapore. We have a title over a month before arrival I’m sure it will be solved way before that 🤞

The screenshot above was shared on a forum to warn people going to Europe (everyone, expats and locals, want to get out of our little red dot!!) that it might be tricky staying in your VTL safe countries, since some territories (not even counting the big obvious countries not on the VTL list) might void your eligibility to the quarantine free trip.

One lady said… can you imagine being in Rome and not going to Vatican City in order to be able to take the VTL flight 😂.

PS: I’m documenting this because, as I have stated before, in a few years nobody will believe all this sh!t show and I want proof of it 😂

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3lFCWaU