Wednesday Wanderings and Wonderings.

This is Holland Village

There are no windmills (but quite a few cranes!)

It wasn’t named because of the country (well actually Holland is a geographical region of the country The Netherlands which has 12 regions in total with 2 “Hollands”; the North Holland & the South Holland —The things you learn just by reading this little blog 😂)

It was named after Hugh Holland who was an architect and amateur actor and was an early resident of the area.

We are 1 MRT stop away from HV or about 15 mn walk. “The neighborhood is a popular shopping and dining destination for younger Singaporeans and expatriates. […] NB Holland Road is known as Hue Hng in Hokkien which means “behind the flower garden” the flower garden being the Botanic Gardens”

I had an hour wait between appointments, I could have gone for a mani/pedi at the shopping center, instead I opted for HDB climb to see the area from above 😉

NB: Thinking of petitioning for my neighborhood being renamed “Suiter Hood”. Well if Holland could I don’t see with I couldn’t 🙄

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3oX76Z8