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Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!

Month: October, 2021



If only adults could have tantrums when they get frustrated.

Well thinking of it, there might be no more place to walk around anymore because almost everyone would be on the floor moping lately 😂

“Close V” by Antony Gormley at the National Gallery

Antony Gormley is internationally renowned for his sculptures, installations and public artworks that explore the relationship between the human body and space. Often casting his own body as a base, he then develops his works using a variety of forms and materials that provoke questions about how humans relate to nature and the cosmos.

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Some people spend their Saturday night at parties (well party of 2 right now in Singapore 😂) I just see something on Instagram, hop on a bus and go to the north of the island to check out a Very Momentary Exhibition @PasirRis by Very Small Exhibition

Very Small Exhibition is an experimental exhibition / installation / project space started by three friends. Singapore is increasingly overrun by cookie cutter malls with identical retail programming, and our intention is to give designers/artists a platform to experiment / showcase their work and hopefully bring a smile, curiosity or even wtf-ness to anyone walking past the work. we invite you to join us.

Was it worth it? Well I like to encourage young artists and I got to check out a new neighborhood and HDB. I guess it beat watching Netflix and eating ice cream. 😂

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I missed the sunrise from my window this morning because of a later wake-up call but got to see this awesome clouds pattern (they disappeared within 5 minutes)

The later wake up call was due to HBL (Home Base Learning) today. Not because of new restrictions (so far this week no new crazy creative ideas from the government) but because of Parent-Student-Teacher (online) Conference at our school.

And this is the he story behind today’s photo and post 😀

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After a while, meeting for coffee/tea/lunch en tête à tête (since we are only allowed in group of 2) can feel a little constrained.

So I have decided to go for walks or photowalks with friends. The conversations seem to flow better plus we never run out of subjects, we just need to look around.

Today I took my friend Jenny to Ang Mo Kio park and more specifically to Kebun Bahru Birdsinging Club. Of course it was way overcast and almost to the point of rain but after buying a cheap umbrella at 7/11 it never actually rained (best $3 spend if it meant it stopped the rain 😂)

The Birdsinging corner was depleted of uncles and bird cages; photos of the park disappointing but I had those ones from a previous visit in my draft folder and they were waiting to be used in a post… mission accomplished: both showing one of my favorite place to a friend and using the photos snapped months ago… and that’s not even counting great conversation.

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J. first test.

He’s not pregnant… I mean he doesn’t have Covid-19.

He can keep being educated in person at school 😂

NB: as I said before I’m documenting this because in a few years there will be questions and I can say check on the blog for your answer (talking from personal experience 😉)

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The outrigger canoe session where you realize that your direction fin doesn’t work and you go in circles or wherever the current takes you which is not necessarily where you want to go 🙄.

At least you’ve got your exercise of the week.

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Monday Art by Murals Artist Yip Yew Chong
Tanjong Malang – 2020

“This unique painting defies time, straddling 1844 and 2020. It depicts a once-important bustling capetown called Tanjong Malang, in the south coast of Singapore. The town comprised a Malay fishing village, a Hakka temple village, a hilltop Mausoleum of a revered Muslim Saint (Habib Noh), a Mosque below it, and a Parsi cemetery. It was an exemplary multiracial settlement, alongside Telok Ayer to its north. As Singapore developed, the hills were leveled, the bay filled, and the beaches made concrete. Soon, it became Singapore’s Central Business District. Today, glittering towers and flyovers surround and conceal the only remnants of his historic town -the Mausoleum, the mosque and the Hakka temple.”


Back in March/April Yip Yew Chong had a few exhibitions across Singapore. The first one was at ArtPorters gallery with some of his mural inspired art and then 2 exhibitions back to back, one at the Substation, followed by one in the hotel Sofitel. Those pieces were slightly different than his murals but still very intrigued and detailed paintings. You could lose yourself in front of each of his canvas. I will post one each Monday (it will last until the end of the year!!! Yeah one less post to think about 😉)

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So a couple days ago the Singapore government announced that “Primary school pupils will need to take an antigen rapid test (ART) every two weeks until school closes for the holidays in November, said the Ministry of Education (MOE)”

I started to see comments on the expat forum saying it would most likely be implemented at international schools too (the first announcement is always about local schools then the international schools are notified a few days later).

Well we just got an email from our school that students (all grades!) need to do the ART test before going back to school on Monday (tomorrow). We’ve been on a 2-week October break. (& yes I survived, thanks for asking 😉😂)

The 2 packages of 3 kits were already in my mailbox (complementary of the Ministry of Health)


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Follow up on yesterday’s post.

Well once I learnt that the article was published in a daily newspaper and I wouldn’t be able to find the hard copy the next day I had to go on a hunt… at 9pm.

All the local markets near our condo were already closed so I needed to find a 24/7 place which would have it. After 2 bus rides and getting lost in a HDB, I found it.

The lady at the counter seemed perplex when I asked her where I could find the newspaper… looked at me twice (making sure she was indeed talking to an Ang Moh under the mask) and said but it’s in Chinese. I told her I was just interested by the photos 😉😂

Online version (with the correct photographer credited 😉: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/lifestyle/feature/story20211022-1205738)

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When you are notified that your photo is been featured on an article about your artist friend but then realized they credited the wrong photographer 🙄

Irving was in fact the main photographer of the Ballerina and Paper Tutu project but this particular Multiple photo (which is one of my trademark) is mine (as well as the photo of Kaelie in the article ) and none of his photo were featured in the article.

There were also some photos posted on the newspaper Instagram (this one and 2 from Irving) and they didn’t credit us either 😞

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