Keeping up with the tradition of the Annual Haircut (Yes with capital letters)

It used to be a July/August thing done in France, that would signaled the end of the summer vacation. It has turned into a September thing when I realized last year that I couldn’t escape Singapore to have the haircut in France and couldn’t be Rapunzel for much longer. Sorry forgot the before picture this year 🙄

For those who have been following for a while and are my actual friends in real life (hence also friends on Facebook) you know that the annual haircut with the before & after photos have been going on for a while now.

For those who have been following this little blog for a while you might remember me mentioned it here a few times.

For those of you who are just stumbling upon my little corner of the internet… well first welcome into my weird world and second sorry 😂 … but please stay, there’re a lot more little weird things and a few cute photos and tidbits about Singapore!

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