Monday Art by Murals Artist Yip Yew Chong.

Pulau Kusu – 2017

“During the ninth month, my family would join throngs of people for the annual pilgrimage to Kusu Island in the south of Singapore. As a child, the boat ride felt very long and it made me seasick. But on reaching the island, the excitement of picnicking, swimming and climbing up the hill made the trip fell like a holiday to paradise! the island was actually made of two rock outcrops. On one sat a Chinese temple and on another, a Malay shrine atop a knoll. The two were linked together by a sandbar cross-able at low tide. Legend tells of how a Chinese man and Malay man were saved by a turtle from a shipwreck, after which the turtle turned into a rock.In 1975, the government reclaimed land around the outcrops and joined them to create one island.”


Back in March/April Yip Yew Chong had a few exhibitions across Singapore. The first one was at ArtPorters gallery with some of his mural inspired art and then 2 exhibitions back to back, one at the Substation, followed by one in the hotel Sofitel. Those pieces were slightly different than his murals but still very intrigued and detailed paintings. You could lose yourself in front of each of his canvas. I will post one each Monday (it will last until the end of the year!!! Yeah one less post to think about 😉)

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3BLd6HD