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Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!

Month: September, 2021



As I mentioned yesterday it wasn’t even my first time in front of the camera 😉

Last time was with the same organization but at a different location.

We delivered meal for elderly people in lieu of their big community meal they would have had for Chinese New Year.

As I recognized one of the person in charge, I mentioned they had taken pictures the last time and she said oh yes we used them for an internal video. She gracefully shared it with me (but asked me not to share the video itself as it was for internal use). So here are a few screenshots of J & I going around delivering meals and chatting for a few minutes with a lot of isolated people.

This was not as formal as the one I shared yesterday, just a few pictures taken here and there throughout the morning. Also there are plenty of time when there are no camera when I volunteer. FYI 😉

People’s Association Happy Project: Our Mission To Build and to Bridge Communities in achieving One People, One Singapore.

The People’s Association (PA) was established on 1 July 1960 as a statutory board to promote racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore. Our mission is to build and bridge communities in achieving one people, one Singapore. PA offers a wide range of programmes to cater to Singaporeans from all walks of life – connecting people to people, and people and government. We do this through our network of 1,800 grassroots organisations (GROs), over 100 Community Clubs, five Community Development Councils, National Community Leadership Institute and Water-Venture.

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Nice girl is invited to participate in a Charity event.

Nice girl says yes.

Nice girl ends up in front of the camera.

Not even the first time.

My life in Singapore 😉

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When your friend does some shopping in America and think of you.

Frankly It’s was a steal at $695 at Saks 5th Avenue. I told her it seems a bit heavy for Singapore weather 😉

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Monday Art by Murals Artist Yip Yew Chong

Christmas Lightup – 2019

“I always loved the "winter” season in Singapore, for its festive holiday mood and cool weather due to day-long rain around Christmas time. When I was in secondary school, I attended Aikido classes in the evenings. On my way home, I would intentionally take a bus that passed through Orchard Road so as to view the light-up, even thought the route was longer. The very first light-up took place in 1984. Seeing so many fairy lights for the first time filled me with awe, even more so when it rained. Sitting by the bus window, I left it ajar, allowing the wind and rain to caress my face, and the lights to flicker past. Such sweet memories.“


Back in March/April Yip Yew Chong had a few exhibitions across Singapore. The first one was at ArtPorters gallery with some of his mural inspired art and then 2 exhibitions back to back, one at the Substation, followed by one in the hotel Sofitel. Those pieces were slightly different than his murals but still very intrigued and detailed paintings. You could lose yourself in front of each of his canvas. I will post one each Monday (it will last until the end of the year!!! Yeah one less post to think about 😉)

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September Sunday Sunrise

It looked like brush strokes

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You didn’t think I was going to make something without doing a behind the scene video did you? 😂

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The article from SCMP that is not visible to everybody…


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Some anniversaries are not full of joy…

But I got to glue 365 Chinese Calendar sheets on a cardboard yesterday so not all in vain 😉


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A year ago tonight at 10:35pm with flight AF257 J was leaving Singapore behind. We had hoped it wouldn’t be too long before the borders would reopened.

Well it’s been 365 days…. And since I have a thoughtful husband I got flowers delivered to brighten my day a little.

I also got interviewed last week by a friend I met in Beijing…. Here’s the article published in SCMP.


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Wednesday Wanderings and Wonderings.

One of my newly arrived friend asked me to take her on a little adventure in Singapore. She knows I love wandering around HDB so she suggested we did that.

I took her to the top of the 40-story newly built HDB then we went to the soon to be torn down Queenstown HBD & Tanglin Halt.

We crossed the green corridor and ended up in Wessex Estate. It’s full of Black and White bungalows (and is often home to artist). We finished at the Colbar which I finally found (I must have passed by a few time but its well tucked away.

Colbar, which is short for Colonial Bar, was first opened in 1953 by Mr Lim at Jalan Hang Jebat to serve as the unofficial canteen for members of the British Army.

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