Since I’m in my Documenting Singapore days on my posts lately, here’s another tidbit information.

Tuesday (August 24th … yep during Mrs VP visit and more importantly frankly the day I usually have my outrigger canoe session 😉), more rain pelted western Singapore in three hours than the country had previously recorded for the whole month of August.

National water agency PUB said the heaviest rainfall recorded in the morning was at the Bukit Panjang Road rainfall station, which saw 159.8mm of rainfall from 7.50am to 10.40am. […] This corresponds to 109 per cent of Singapore’s average monthly rainfall in August, and lies within the top 0.5 per cent of maximum daily rainfall records since 1981,” said PUB. […] As at noon on Tuesday, 239.8mm of rainfall was recorded in Mandai and 226.2mm in Bukit Panjang. They are the highest daily total rainfall for the month to date. The previous high in August was 181.8mm, which was recorded in Changi on Aug 22, 1983.

A series of pictures of hikers and cyclists trying to cross hike and bike path were all over the internet with water way over their waistline, but by the next day I was back on track with my hiking group and just had to manage a little bit of over flooded part on our path.

Also read that “Temperatures dipped, with the lowest temperature at 21.3 deg C” (even worse than the 22°C a couple years ago) 😱🥶😂

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3DsuYZG