by A Total TaiTai Tale


Temperature check (top) at the entrance of any stores, restaurants, malls are a thing of the past. But safe entry log in (bottom) are still in place

Since April 20th of last year, those temperature check were a common sight at every business entrance. This came to an end last week (August 20). 16 months of 2 beeps each time we enter any places: Hand hold to the sensor for Temperature: Check ✅. Phone (or token) hold next to the other sensor for Safe Entry: Check ✅. We now have to get used to only 1 beep.

I read that there are around 15,000 workers that had been placed into public sector or government-funded short-term Covid-19 roles since the start of the pandemic (temperature check and Check-in verification). For now the workers are still checking our Check-in but where will those temperature check machine end up?

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