I have always walked a lot.

It’s a great way to discover a city.

Here with the humidity, strolling around the city is not as pleasant so I revert to walking as “exercise” (I don’t exercise so even writing that feels weird! Case in point One & Two) but that’s how I can only describe what I have been doing even more for the past two years. I find a Point of Interest A and a Point of Interest B and I connect them with steps and sweats (LOT of sweats hence why not calling it wandering around the city ;-))

When we did our 23+ km North-to-South hike for Women’s Day back in March, the end of the Green Corridor path was not opened (with several other sections which have been covered since then) but the last section has now been completed…. We reached the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station Signal Cabin.

The Tanjong Railway Station is a few meter further but it is closed for refurbishment and it will be a future site for Cantonment MRT station, one of the stations for Circle MRT line Stage 6.

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3CxLmYp