by A Total TaiTai Tale


Happy Singanniversary.

We just completed 5 years and starting our 6th year in Singapore today.

I have never written this (or even our 5th year for that matter) in any country we’ve lived in. Wow!! Well, technically we lived 6 years in Beijing, China but not 6 consecutive years. 3 years and 3 years separated by 4 years in Stavanger, Norway.

We initially came for a sure 2-year contract which we hoped would be extended to another 2 years so it would fit in our 3 years/4 years cycle (and be in synch with our kids’ schooling) then Covid-19 hit and all hell broke.

On a side note, I started this little blog 8 years ago, so it’s really a double anniversary (& this is post # 5160 😱)

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