We are already at week 5 of the Mother and Son evening walk.

By now he’s willing (& enjoy) the walks, it’s just take so much effort to get started.

I usually remind him early afternoon that today is the day of our walk, then my 4pm I have to remind him that he needs to prepare. By 5pm I know I have to up my game if we want to not leave too late and not miss the sunset (and/or not finish the walk in the dark).

This week we walked around Bishan-Ang Mo Kio gardens, an easy flat walk. The beautiful city garden is not far from Lower Peirce Reservoir so it would be a nice end of walk sunset point. Well we arrived 15 minutes too late for the sunset (the exact 15 minutes I kept reminding to please hurry up putting his shoes on before leaving!). On a side note he didn’t take as long to get ready the following week (I think he was a little disappointed to have missed it). Every experience teach you a lesson.

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