Current state of mind: Want to hibernate 😭

And we are back in “this is not a lockdown” oops sorry we need to call it Phase 2 High Alert. (Restaurants closed and group of 2 only)

What does it mean for me concretely…. I cannot go to my monthly volunteer packing food group tomorrow (Wednesday). I cannot go on my weekly walk with my already reduced size group of friends on Thursday. My lunch at a restaurant with my lovely dentist/friend has to be canceled on Friday. And finally the BBQ on Sunday with 5 other friends I was really looking forward is now a no go.

Let me recap the situation since April 2020

* Circuit Breaker (everywhere else it’s called a lockdown)… Basically cannot go out, stay at home. April 7, 2020 til June 1st, 2020

* Phase 1-Safe Reopening. From June 2, 2020 til June 18, 2020. We could go out, everything closed but back to school.

* Phase 2-Safe Transition or “This is not a lockdown”. Social gathering only by group of 2. Home visitors limited at 2 per day. No dining-in at restaurant, only takeouts. From June 19, 2020 til December 27, 2020. Then May 16, 2021 til June 13, 2021 (but that was actually Phase 2 Heightened Alert) and we are now currently back here until August 18

* Phase 3-Safe Nation or a lighter “This is not a lockdown”… Social gathering only by group of 5 (and for a few weeks 8!). Home visitors limited at 5 per day. Dining-in at restaurant resume but limited groups of 5 (and 8 for just a few weeks). From December 28, 2020 til May 7, 2021. Then from May 8, 2021 til May 15, 2021 and from June 14, 2021 until July 21, 2021 (but that was actually Phase 3 Heightened Alert).

In a nutshell: Phase 2 means restaurants are closed. Phase 3 means restaurants are opened. High Alert reduced the number of people from 5 (rarely 8) to 2. And you can have any combinations!!

I hope i didn’t bore you too much… and because I was really bored I made a chart 😂 amAgain because I need to document it somehow 🤷‍♀️

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3iqUAMN