I feel like I need a PhD to understand the charts here. Not sure what kind of PhD thought.

So basically since June 21* and until last Monday we were only allowed to eat in group of 2. Since Monday (July 12) we are allowed in groups of 5 and from Monday (July 19) we are (basically) back to groups of 2… well unless you hang out with people who recovered from COVID (we only had single digit cases per day since the beginning of this whole saga so good luck with that) or old(er) people because the younger group have just started to be vaccinated and they need their 2 doses (3 to 4 weeks apart) + a 2-week waiting period.

* before that we were in “We-Are-Not-In-Lockdown” situation. 🙄

All this because an “underground” Ktv (Karaoke place with hostesses) was a cluster of 59 new cases. Government has offered anonymous free test for people who might have been exposed in order to get as many people tested as possible which ensure a whole lot of interesting meme online:

Not quite the usually content on this page but I’m only documented this because in a few years nobody will believe this sh!t show was going on and I want proof of it 😂

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3iol8hs