Well since I shared a 4th of July picture to celebrate Independence Day, I may as well share one for the 14 Juillet (or Bastille Day as American call it)

So this is not a 14-Juillet per se picture (I don’t think I have a photo of J’s first “14 Juillet” in France 🤔) but he did celebrate his first one 25 years ago after crossing the big ocean to come experience for himself France’s Joie de Vivre and his own little Frenchy 😉

And that’s when I realize we had started a cycle of living in a different country every 3-4 years 😂

NB: Not the Bastille behind us but Le Chateau de Versailles, so kind of related to the day 😉

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3z1gz3F