Monday Murals… I did a thing.

It started with recording my walk researching again some of Yip Yew Chong Murals around Chinatown, then I walked to Everton to document those as well, and finally decided that I wasn’t that far from Tiong Bahru so I thought I may as well walk there too.

Then I got carried away and started to add a few murals locations around those areas, then a little further away, and a little further away to finally pin ALL the locations.

While I was at it, I added my photos of the murals and then some explanations from Yip Yew Chong website.

You can find the map here: http://bit.ly/YYCMurals (best opened on a desktop to be able to fully take advantage of it 😉)

Overachiever much!🙄

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3gaDyRU