While I post every day here, my photos are not necessarily in synch with my life; it loosely follows but it’s not a day to day account of my life. I don’t go every Monday in search of a murals, I batch post for my Monday Murals post for example 😂

However I have another personal A-Photo-A-Day* challenge where the photo needs to be taken on that day (I’m not sure why I do this to myself 😉). Some days I’m busy and have many things going on that would deserve a photo but I need to choose only one. Other days, well let say, are more challenging and I need to put my creative hat on to come up to yet another way of “documenting” chores day 😂

This is one of those days!!!

* I’ve been doing it since 24th December 2014. I cannot link to any of the photo since there are not made to be public. I made some photo books and also a big poster on my birthday last year (that’s how this whole challenge started!)

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3bBJrWH