So tie up the post on printing and floral from those past couple of days… I present you my recent experiment.

There are some very very large leaves here and I always wanted to have a print of it. I didn’t want a painting of it but more of a life size recollection of them.

As I was walking home a couple days ago, the gardeners were doing some cutting and I asked it I could take some (I never dared cutting some myself -rule follower I’m telling you!). Of course I didn’t have a big enough piece of paper or even paint so I had to improvised. I had a left over roll of craft paper and some ink (from my calligraphy class) and I just tried.

It turned out great so I’m off to buying some big size paper and some ink in different colors (I want to try white ink on black paper and sepia ink on off-white paper). I want to do it on paper so I can roll it and be able to bring them back with me to France where I’ll then put them in shallow frames.

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3f2znar