by A Total TaiTai Tale


Monday Murals – Folding Dreams by Eunice Hannah Lim

Part of the ArtWalk in Little India (2021). This is only part of the whole murals. I will need to go back and photograph the rest of it.

Folding Dreams shares the story of how humble beginnings can create a business legacy, inspired by the history of Mustafa Centre. At an early age in the 1960s, founder Mustaq Ahmad helped out at his family’s pushcart business selling food and drinks. Soon, the budding entrepreneur started selling handkerchiefs which he bought using his pocket money. From then, the family business took off. The artwork depicts a makeshift stall where the handkerchiefs are folded into massive cranes.

Through Folding Dreams, the artist hopes that despite difficult times, we are reminded of such stories and be inspired to follow our dreams. As one humble handkerchief business could one day become a place where everyone can go to 24/7, she hopes this artwork can inspire people to give simple ideas a go and see how it comes into fruition.

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3sPzLh7