Throw Back 2-Week – Solo trip May 2015 in Dubai, UAE

This was my second time in Dubai (first one was in 2013 for some photography workshops and visiting a friend) this one was for a good cause, a photography exhibition but also needed for closure more than pleasure. Link here: http://atotaltaitaitale.tumblr.com/tagged/CelineInDubai/chrono


So to summarize: This summer I did a Throw Back Thursday of our summer vacations of the past 6 years (because that’s how far back this blog goes!).  I revisited the idea again with Throw Back Week with our October Break vacations, then I did another Throw Back Week of our Christmas vacation (but I did it in February – don’t ask!) so now it seems fitting to do it again with our Easter Break vacations (lots of solo trips, and a few family trips).

So once again enjoy the trips down memory lane… for those of you who have been following since the beginning of this blog and for the others the chance to discover old postings 😉

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