by A Total TaiTai Tale



This year there will be no Fireworks at Marina Bay like previous years, instead a light show “Shine A Light” has been installed for the whole month of December at the Promontory.

There will however 11 locations in the heartlands where small fireworks will be set off just like National Day on August 9th.

On a side note I shall add “watch from my balcony” to the list 😉

PS: This was shot with the iPhone12ProMa, the night mode setting, hand-held 3s and 0.5zoom. Slightly post processed within the iPhone native camera app.

PS2: Unless I would want to print it very big I don’t see the benefit of hauling by big camera, tripod, etc… when I find this photo perfectly find.


from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3n00SmJ