by A Total TaiTai Tale


I have a tendency to go down rabbit hole very easily and dive deep.

It can be the news or subject I read about and where a link take me to another link onto another, and a couple hours later I’m still reading about it if I have time to spare. Which mean I’m rarely bored.

This time it was on paper folding. I did a workshop last month and of course I had to learn about it. How it works, what’s behind the techniques, etc…

So off I go to the library and look for books I could borrow. Most books were on origami but what I was more interested in was the folding method for designers. Three books later, I now know more about it but won’t pursue as a new hobby (don’t worry hubby 😉)… I’m lacking patience. And another couple of days of me not being bored and actually learning something. Not sure I can use it in any conversation but knowledge is mostly for oneself and nourishing one’s own soul.

NB: The Christmas ornaments are from Paper Color Factory. Kaelie Kwah is a super talented artist

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/36ZT53N